Friday, November 23, 2012

Your Highness - Cults n' Cunts (2011)

"Cults n' Cunts makes you want to shotgun 100 beers and go climb something epic, maybe while beating the shit out of someone." 

 •  •  •

I really couldn't say it any better, though maybe I would add in growing a gnarly beard and throwing on a denim vest with the sleeves cut rocking the mandatory patches on it: The Sword, Baroness, Doomriders, with the words "Scum Cunt" arching on the back.
I'm not sure how this one eluded me all of last year, and I'm not even sure how I have recently stumbled upon it, but this is some seriously easy to get into groovy sludge/stoner metal.

Grab if you like: Kylesa, Doomriders, Baroness

Scum Cunt


  1. Chris is on a beard metal kick.

    In other news: that album title is mighty Chris'esque.

    1. haha shiiiet, the only thing I've really been kicking lately is Led Zeppelin. The Untitled(s) have been on constant play back!