Monday, November 12, 2012

Whips / Chains - Master / Slave: Review for Halifax Collect

Master / Slave is a snake slithering through cavernous waste seething and foaming in its own grime. Slowly dragging itself through shit and filth for a meandering 13 minutes… It's short, and sometimes the momentum suffocates as a result, but this is something familiar within EP's. Let's dig in…

Master / Slave doesn't deviate far, if at all, from the standard formula unearthed in hardcore of this ilk. Husky infuriated vocals, down-tuned unrelenting riffs that fluctuate between crushing and banal with the conventional pummeling of the drums serving as the 'beat down'. Think of a healthy mixture of Buried Alive, Hatebreed and His Hero Gone. Fuck Hatebreed 

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