Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Six Dead Horses - Horn, Tusk, Antler (2009)

In spirit of the You Are Doomed Fest '11 I give you Six Dead Horses. Not the kind of dead horses you find in your bed when the mafia has marked you for death, but rather the kind that eats away at your ear canals for a solid 34 minutes. Brimming with wizard beard appreciation the sound is doomy, heavy, slow and subjected to experimentation under a fine microscope.

The band describes their sound as; "Mammoths stampeding through an earthquake fighting ancient bearded warriors on Harleys while listening to Sabbath and punching babies in the faces."

For this you will want to have your speakers at about a volume that just teeters on them blowing. Enjoy.

Horn, Tusk, Antler


  1. It's all just love, except for when it's hate. Would be sweet to be able to see these guys live, toss a video my way if you manage to get one ;)

  2. I really enjoyed this album, thanks for the post.

  3. For you Eric, friend discount, free!