Saturday, April 16, 2011

De Magia Veterum - The Divine Antithesis (2011)

Heres what you do, you download this monstrosity of an album, get someone you know who doesn't really listen to anything extreme, sit them in front of the song 'The Heavens', and write down their response to it in the comments section. It's fun, fucking do it!

This is black metal that is practically drowned out by thick atmosphere, noise and unconventional instrumental chaos. It is a one man project by "M" (Also the man behind Gnaw Their Tongues), and if you were wondering what somebody who makes music like this looks like, then here you go:

He seems pretty down to earth if you ask me...wait is that plastic wrap around his head?

Upside down Heaven


  1. I showed my roommate who usually listens to like metalcore and shit like that. His response "How does this pass for music? It just sounds like a bunch of noise?"

  2. Yeah, just showed my cousin who typically likes power metal and some death metal. His response still was "It literally sounds like just noise."

  3. I showed my girlfriend who listens to awful mainstream nonsense. Her response "Is this something you actually listen to? Seriously?"