Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax Hypersleep Dialogues (2011)

Between the Buried and Me, a band that needs no introduction...but is going to fucking get one anyway. Okay so, you know when like, girls try to listen to a heavy band, but really they only like the slow and steady sing-along parts? I think that is pretty opposite of rad. Albeit, some guys do it as well, but they probably are devoid of a penis.

Misogynistic banter aside, this album by the prolific beasts of progressive metal is no real disappointment. Unless sheer kick-assery was not what you were looking for. 3 mammoth tracks encompass the entirety of the album, which lends us the hint that:

With BTBAM becoming increasingly more progressive in sound, they increase song lengths and reduce tracks. It's science! The next album will most likely have only one song spanning for an entire hour. The next album after that will actually have -2 songs, which means they will erase 2 BTBAM songs of their choice from existence completely!

My 'Holy fuck!' moment on this CD was on the song "Augment of Rebirth" at 6:30-8:15.



  1. That "Holy fuck" moment was actually awesome

  2. I hear this a few weeks ago! OH man so goooooooddddd listened to it like 100 times. Stream was on metal sucks i think.

  3. Thank you for making my life more metal. Wtb a new working link to this album if it exits.

  4. Lunar Wilderness gets me every time. The album's no Colors (though it's Color-esque), but definitely better than The Great Misdirect.