Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Irepress - Sol Eye Sea I (2009)

This is beautiful, like looking right into the eye of a tornado. Instrumental post-metal with a plethora of genres to incorporate at their disposal. And that they do just that, rapidly, without warning. At one moment you are listening to a jazz section, suddenly your ears blink, and the song is ripping into a sludgy soup of melodic interludes.

That artwork is certainly no slouch either, created by illustrator Chad Lenjer. I had a chit-chat with this talented bloke just after the release of this album. He assured me that this album was no mistake, and this 5-piece from Massachusetts were the most down to earth dudes he ever worked for.

I don't want to sit here trying to rack my brain for ways to describe this sound, its pretty unique and excellently executed. Listen and interpret it however you choose. The use of the sound-clips from The Goonies puts a smile on my face.

Goonies Never Say Die!

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