Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Youth Avoiders - Self Titled (2013)

Parisian punk fucks Youth Avoiders have been rad since their demo tape released in 2010, and remain rad with their debut self-titled LP! Fast and frantic punk that is so fucking twangy and trebly you'll think you've got Parkinson's disease. Filled with righteous hooks and melodies despite the raucous song structure, though some of the wicked over-the-top vocal melodies I loved on the demo are gone but I don't give a shit as long as that guitar tone sounds as groovy as it does.

I don't post a whole lot of punk around here, but I am going to start posting more. I like punk, get over it.

I  gave a buck towards the "name your price" option on the bands bandcamp page, feel free to do whatever you feel is right or feel free to do nothing until I post a brutal space slam death metal album.

Youth Avoiders bandcamp


  1. This rules so much I thought about jumping out the window. Take that for what it is.

    1. Fast, crunchy, twangy and pissed off, that's a recipe for window jumping most definitely. Jump the fuck outta it, just make sure you survive, we need you around here.

      Check out the bands previous demos as well, a little less tight, a little more melodic.