Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cape of Bats - Olcott Rites (2013)

Black metal and punk at its most raw have always dipped into qualities that are synonymous with one another; filthy productions, ramen noodle like budget recordings and a certain predilection for hating shit fiercely.

Cape of Bats have been busy these passed few years popping out short releases of relentlessly ugly black metal and punk, which they kindly give us for free or a "name your price" option. Power to them. Some of the riffs on these albums are too good, take the first song 'Stygian Depths" for example, 0:27 in is like a punkier Morbid Insulter (If you haven't yet picked up "Anti-Christ Blasphemies click the goddamn link) riff played a little slower, it's kind of charming in a B-horror movie kinda way.

Cape of Bats

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