Monday, March 10, 2014

Witch - Self Titled (2006)

 •  •  •

I hate earwigs man. They burrow in your ear space uninvited and lay goddamn eggs and piss and shit and fucking exist and give you ear-aches and probably send out postcards to their earwigs friends with heartwarming messages like "wish you were here" or "Greetings from inside Chris' ears" or some shit. I don't know… I've never actually had any experiences with earwigs, besides killing a lot of them throughout my life. A lot.

But, this album has been like an earwig invading my eardrums lately, and it fucking rules. I don't think it's really laying any eggs or anything, but I wouldn't even mind if it was ya know? It's really good. Crusty stoner metal with more Sabbath worship than a goddamn Sunday rolled up with psychedelic doom for good measure. Formed by the J. Mascis, guitarist of Dinosaur Jr.

Take a listen to it. If you like it and can't find a link or afford the beauty vinyl (sounds best on wax, no shit) email me and I can send it to you pal.

Doom on brothers.

- Chris


  1. Listened to the link, sounds pretty good to me. I'll see if I can find a 320 link (unless I can buy digital?)

    1. I have the album as a .ogg file, if you can play it I can send it your way John.