Thursday, September 20, 2012

We Had A Deal - Dialectics (2012)

If you're the kind of dicksmith that doesn't dig some genuine hardcore turn your attention away from this post…I pity the fool. We Had A Deal is a German hardcore band that blends an infectious variety of hardcore with nuances of 90's screamo (think Alpinist or Grand Griffon).

It's jam packed with contagious energy, it's extremely ambitious and it doesn't fucking slip up or disappoint once. I was taken aback upon my first listen through, sitting in silence after finishing it thinking 'holy fuck shit, I didn't expect to like that album as much as I did. Round 2… fight!'. I know an album has truly appealed to my interests when I finish listening to the album all the way through only to play it again right after.

Fuck this is good. You know what's even more rad? These fucking awesome dudes want you to have it for free, despite having a righteous 12" vinyl! (Definitely picking one up when I have the monetary gain)

Get it here, shiiiet
bandcamp/12" vinyl


  1. I cannot stop listening to this album. Simply brilliant. It has solid hardcore, catchy riffs then ambient, soft-spoken versus. Definitely an album that picks you up and puts you in a good mood.

    1. Aye, this and the Veils EP have been getting my constant attention.