Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hellucinations (2008) + Stoned (2010)

 Acid Witch

Summer is fucking ending, the days are getting shorter while the nights grow longer - with this comes fall, with fall comes colourfull trees looking ablaze, and with autumn approaching we look to albums that fit this imagery.

Which albums come to mind? A host of albums nail down this vibe, but right off the bat I think of quintessential albums like Drudkh's "Autumn Aurora", Kroda's "Cry To Me River…", Agalloch's "The Mantle", Neun Welten's "Destrunken", Nàttsòl's "Stemning" among many others. Though, an unlikely beast stands tall within the predominately folky metal ilk. Acid Witch deliver a kaleidoscope of pigeon shit grimy doom, imbedded deeply into everything hallucinogenic and psychedelic… perfect for Halloween.

Through a smoky haze you are smothered by doom laden with hash-encrusted riffs, gurgling vocals and a blurry production giving everything a textural tone. Both albums are a fun listen, not like listening to Kvelertak on Splash Mountain fun, but carving pumpkins, watching old horror movies, playing the board game Nightmare and huffing hallucinogenics fun.

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  1. I wasn't that into Stoned. You can read me thought on it if you throw their name into the search field on my blog.