Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alda - Tahoma (2011)

Alright, so let's agree on something before I get started. Every now and then I go on these stints of disappearing acts, where the other realm I dwell in gets pushed behind (the pixelated world) so that my main realm (the high definition range world) can be maintained accordingly. Rather than bore you music seagulls about my personal life, (I have however officially made the transfer from small boring town where carrying a 12-pack of beer while riding your nephews stolen mountain bike is commonplace to the hustle and bustle of Toronto where the majority are soul-sucking try-hards with their chins pointed to the clouds like a prissy skyscraper) I'll just get started…

 •  •  •

Look up. What do you see? Correct, a righteous painting of what appears to be sturgeon wearing red sweaters their elder sturgeon grandmothers hand-knit for them gathering around a human skull in a valley of beauty. My sentences are allowed to ramble on incoherently for the next little while because I can blame it on my blog rust, and fuck you.

Replenish Records: "Formed in Washington during the fall of 2007, Alda is a four-piece band from Tacoma that plays a style of black metal that is considered to be of the Cascadian (Fuck the term, let's just say it has that dreamy metal gaze allure that is often hit or miss and teetering on pretentiousness) ilk. The band is a collective project that is dedicated to the reclamation of Lost Wisdom and the application of a lifestyle founded on respect and communication with the soils on which they dwell."

Their are unique incorporation's of elements that suit the feeling very well and drive that wild outdoors vibe. Examples can be heard throughout the album, the end of Shadow of the Mountain and Wandering Spirit have interesting soundscapes, musically this feeling can also be found in the beginning and middle of Tearing of the Weave as well as the opening track intro. What I am trying to say is, the overall effect gives the proper affect. (see what I did there? Magic.)

So, this concludes my first post in a little while, be sure to give me a motivational pat on the back in the comments and let me know if you are in the camp of liking or disliking Tahoma.

Grab if you like: Fell Voices, Panopticon, Drudkh


  1. Grabbing this, I'll give it a listen soon.

  2. Indeed, I'm listening now, and enjoying it quite a bit, my friend. Also, pretty positive that artwork depicts sockeye salmon getting ready to bump uglies (hence the red skintone). Sorry, fish nerd coming out in me.

  3. 'bump uglies' has to be among one of the stupidest euphemisms for fucking but on the other hand you provide me with what appears to be intelligent factual information about fish, so that's a fair trade off to me!

  4. Yeah, I'm not sure I even understand that euphemism, dunno why I use it so much. I'm assuming whoever started it had unsightly genitalia, both of them?

  5. Damn, I REALLY like this album.

  6. I'm still spinning this one often