Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Great Old Ones - Al Azif (2012)

A release I have been awaiting for quite some time has surfaced from its bubbling cauldron of Lovecraft worship. I almost decided against posting this for a couple reasons:
For one, it's been posted on a couple of other stellar blogs with write-ups that will be far more detailed than my own.
For two, I feel more guilty than usual for posting up a free download link due to a personal understanding of how much time and effort the band has poured into this album. Though, this can be said about most bands posted here. The mindset still remains though, the links are already there for us to feed off of, I just create another portal to that money sucking link. The idea is that those who can afford it, will at least go their shows, buy merch and albums and continue to support the band.

•  •  •

Moving on… The Great Old Ones fucking kill this album. There isn't a single riff on this album that is dull or misplaced, there isn't a single slip up or mediocre fill on the pounding of skins, the vocals howl and echo in valleys of great walls while the atmosphere builds up into something that evokes a profound thought and a good headbang. The whole album is layered thickly, every detail thought out and exhausted meticulously and effectively.

I did an interview with TGOO a little while back, check that out here.

Grab if you like: Year of No Light, Altar of Plagues, Wolves In The Throne Room

Buy! Bandcamp
Grab Now via Zippyshare download! (While your signed digipack copy is in the mail right ;)?


  1. Hell yes, I've been waiting for this one.

  2. The Swedish MetalheadMay 10, 2012 at 4:00 AM

    Two songs in, i really like what i'm hearing. Really good stuff. If i get my paypal to work, i'll definitively buy it.

  3. I can say with full positivity that the guys of The Great Old Ones would appreciate that, and likewise from myself. (It makes me feel a little less of a piece of shit.)

    Enjoy the lot of you!

  4. I'm gonna try and pick up a physical copy of this album myself, really good stuff. I've been spamming it all over the metal forums, and a lot of people enjoy it. Hopefully they'll throw some cash towards the band also.

  5. SHOM would be doing its job if all that happened. Thank fuck!

  6. These guys are getting a lot of buzz around a few forums, and I know at least two guys who actually bought the album, so you can feel better now, lol.