Friday, February 24, 2012

Real things are happening around you.

I see this slightly fitting after a Napalm Death post and the mention of Misery Index, both of which are rooted in political dissidence and unrest. This is happening in Homs, Syria while we sit at our computers freely downloading music only to be occasionally frustrated by slow download speeds, broken links, internet trolls, cave trolls, sticky keys, musical disappointment, etc. French journalist with balls of steel shows us around the anarchy.

Real talk.


  1. The Russians and Chinese aren't helping matters by sitting on their laurels either. Honestly though, what can be done? I'm so skeptical when it comes to Muslim nations. A part of me wants the U.S. to supply the rebels with arms, but whose to say they won't just turn them against us? Even if we don't botch it up like Iraq and Afghanistan, some groups will still hate the West. Damn, I can't believe I'm so cynical, I hope the rebels oust him, but maybe we should keep our nose out of it. I doubt sanctions will help, hell, Iran is still building a nuke despite the pressure put on them. The world is a soogy shit sandwich man, depressing.

  2. Orcus, the truth and fact of the matter is, we will never fully understand and grasp other nations and their beliefs. These people have been born into this, thrown into chaos, forced into beliefs without any say, all with rather brash ways of dealing with the "rebels". I understand being skeptical towards the radical religious groups, but these people are fighting and risking everything they have for their beliefs.

    The people make up a nation, not the government, these people are fighting for that.

  3. I can see valid points in both, the main thing is that we become aware of what's going on. Awareness can create positive change and influence. The internet is far more powerful than some people care to acknowledge.

  4. I've been quite busy lately, but last I heard ground forces were moving toward the city. Updates anyone?

    1. i heard the same thing Orcus, now i suppose we wait and find out what happens next. thanks for sharing this on your metal blog though Good Guy Chris.