Thursday, February 23, 2012

Drudkh - Eternal Turn of the Wheel (2012)

Behold Drudkh's latest offering Eternal Turn of the Wheel, a promised 'return to roots' album which is a precarious promise to make (and one I feel will be of disappointment if I'm looking in the direction of Autumn Aurora). It will take me many spins through this before I can procure any type of consensus.
Though I stand behind my bold statement that both Wolves In The Throne Room and Drudkh will be focused solely on instrumental works in the future. (I have zero basis for such a statement, I'm just a motherfucker that likes to think he knows things.)

Grab if you like: Kroda, Hate Forest, Walknut

Eternal Turn of the Wheel


  1. Can you re upload this album ?
    A Great thanx ! :)

    1. I have uploaded the download link for it, sorry it took such a long time. I'm a motherfucker.

      If there is any other you want re-upped just let me know.