Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Teitanblood - Purging Tongues EP (2011)

Purging Tongues is a 15 minute one-song blend of murky death/black metal executed beautifully. Paranoid sermons of the impending end of our world spewed in Spanish throughout the bestial track are a deal sealer for me, that old-school horror vibe lives on! I really need to get my hands on a record player, for I do so badly want this on vinyl.

Teitanblood's sound: “The point where Death Metal and Black Metal were not differenced.”

I suggest reading through the apocalyptic sermon whilst listening to enjoy the whole affect/effect. I found a translation over at Anvil of Doom.

Grab if you like: Blasphemy, Diocletian, Tribulation

Purging Tongues


  1. Hell yes, grabbing this and as much stuff as I can before the freaking Communists shut down our interwebs...and I ain't talking about the Chinese. Speaking of which, this made me laugh pretty hard. Look for the Swedish comment, and the Facebook reference. Golden.

  2. DoctorNutcheez, which comment did you mean? The one about Lamar Smith? I don't see any other Swedish comments.

    also thank for this one

  3. Yeah, I'm also not sure which comment you meant DoctorNutcheez. Wership did you ever end up grabbing that Vile Gash EP?