Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blood Ceremony - Blood Ceremony (2008)

(Thank you Dana for letting me thieve your picture)

I saw Ghost and Blood Ceremony a couple nights ago at a local venue in Toronto. I got to see some chick overdose on some drugs, as well as 'Papa Emeritus I' pour wine down the gullet of some dude with head tattoos. Musically and atmospherically the show was good albeit with a strong showing of some cunty fucks. Moving on…

Blood Ceremony had a good set, no special antics or gimmicks, they just sounded really good. The flute was executed impressively as well as the organ by vocalist Alia, and everything else was spot on with that ancient druid forest floor vibe, so ups to them! Here is their self titled, which I enjoy more so than the bands later efforts Living With The Ancients in 2011 (still enjoyable however).

Grab if you like: Witchcraft, Subrosa, The Devils Blood

Blood Ceremony

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