Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random CD grab: Moonsorrow - Tulimyrsky EP (2008)

Ah ha, pulled by random from my album collection we have Moonsorrow's Tulimyrsky EP! Which is a good thing, because I have been on a death/black metal kick lately and I don't want to succumb to posting only limited genres on this here blog.

•  •  •

Moonsorrow shouldn't be a new name to any of you, masters of the genre, we'll call it "epic heathen metal" since that is the bands claimed banners they ride under. This is an EP, well over the 1-hour mark? I'll focus on the title track Tulimyrsky, since it encompasses the entire genre perfectly and is reason enough to download this EP. 30 minutes of heathenish glory with no cheese or fucking around, raw black metal with battlefield atmosphere, jaunty folk interludes, and Finnish dialogue. There we have it, 30 minutes described in a single sentence. I bought this new for 5$, you can have it for free as long as you pledge to purchase it if you ever see it for the same price. (Honestly though, kudos to Moonsorrow. The extensive and alluring 5-page artwork by Kris Verwimp is worth the 5$ alone.)

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