Thursday, August 18, 2011

Myrkgrav - Trollskau Skroemt Og Koelabrenning (2006)

Sometimes I know I have too much music in my collection because often times hidden gems will reveal themselves to me when I do my daily shuffle of my entire collection. This is a good way for me to stumble on an album I may not have payed enough attention to the first time around. Trollskau Skroemt Og Koelabrenning by Norway's one-man band Myrkgrav is a good example of this.

I actually do recall downloading this something like 4 years ago thinking it was pretty fucking awesome, but must of lacked in the "catchyness" side of things like it's folk metal cohorts Finntroll, Lemuria, Runic, etc. Shit, I absolutely hate when someone likes a song or band simply because they're catchy. (fuck that)

Here we have archetypal Norsk black metal firmly rooted in the Scandinavian folk elements. Vocals range from harsh and cold growls to a more somber clean vocals, all sung in the olden Norwegian dialect. I can find not a single complaint. 

Grab if you Like: Windir, Galar, Svarga


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  1. A fantastic album, one of my favorites. My fault for not annoying the hell outta you to listen to it long ago. Actually, been awhile since I gave it a spin, I offically declare today as my TSOK day!