Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prepare to be bombarded.

 (Preview of an upcoming album I will be posting. Guess which one. You can't do it.)

I mean fuck, we both know I haven't been keeping this fuck hole of a blog updated enough this month. Which leaves me with only one choice as a man, I must now over compensate...kinda like those dudes who only work out there arms and wear skin tight Tapout shirts to hide their small penile dysfunctions and shit.

Expect to see plenty of more posts and links, and for fucks sakes, say something in the comments thread, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy deep in my loins.



  1. I have no idea what the album is, and you haven't been updating enough, and I'm impatiently waiting for more stuff, cause I haven't come across anything good in the last week or so and I'm too lazy to really search myself therefore I'm relying on you, lmao.

  2. Vile Gash it is. Let me know when you come up with split partners and when that may be released good sir.