Saturday, June 11, 2011

Origin - Entity (2011)

The first 11 seconds to the opening track pumps out more BPM that most would strive for...or maybe not, after all this sort of instrumental wizardry and wankery can sometimes lead to flat songs that become rather lifeless, ah la Brain Drill.

Don't get me wrong, it still gapes assholes with every listen and Origin are among the kings of the castles in this instrumental sorcery. Origin easily remain the loudest and most intense set I have ever been able to witness. 'Metalheads' were finding themselves cowering and covering their ears. (some were even forced to walk out on the set due to bleeding of the ears). This was however when James Lee was still vocalist with his high shrieks that could sink a ship.

Enough rambling, all in all, this newest effort is still a damn ferocious slab of technical death metal.



  1. Finally got around to giving it a listen. Razor blade sharp assault, and the vocals actually seem substantially clearer than those of Antithesis. Doesn't have the same pinpoint fury of that album. It is has more variation though. If Antithesis is a scapel, this is a freaking cricket bat.