Monday, December 27, 2010


To some, music is just background noise, but to some others its much, much more than that. Music for me is everyday, all the time, everything else I do just goes well with it.
Fuck, I even am lucky enough to be doing artwork for some great bands as well as having worked alongside one of my favorite artists ever, Kris Verwimp. I don't do any of it for the money, fuck no, there is barely any money in it anyway. You do it for the love of music and the chance to contribute to some amazing bands.

I decided to create this shit hole of a blog with the intention of providing an easier way for music lovers alike to find bands and albums that I feel are great and deserve more attention. I provide pre-existing links for download under each album I post, but of course, if you like what you hear, buy the album and support these bands by going to shows.

At this blog, you will most likely find a very healthy variety of Metal, but there will surely be a share of non metal bands/albums posted on here as well. From time to time expect a rant about which pathetic humanoids I think should be disemboweled with a plastic spork.

Shit will be added daily, so keep an eye out and hopefully you will find something that appeals to you. I am not one to post shit within a select amount of sub genres, expect a lot of different shit, especially within the massive cesspool of Metal. (I'm confident you will find something eventually, unless your musical taste consists of radio friendly, auto-tuned garbage.)

Feel free to drop a comment, request an album, send a demo, or tell me to go fuck myself. Either way, this will continue on.

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