Sunday, December 26, 2010

Les Discrets - Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées (2010)

I remember I initially checked this album out because the undeniably cool album art, though I found something I didn't quite expect. I was initially a little bit disappointed with what I heard, as I was expecting something a bit heavier, and quite frankly, more metal. Though, through my experienced chagrin, I managed to find quite a bit of bright spots within the album.

There is something very daunting and cinematic about what you will hear. It's as though, the very world you live on is in question of its survival. (I dunno why the world is ending, but I sure hope its similar to "Cloverfield" and not over some political bullshit.)

It either floats your boat, or capsizes it:

The End is Nigh.


  1. This floated my boat...

    Found it to be a bit similar to Agalloch, only French and more chill.

  2. Also

    This blog is fucking awesome....

    Keep it going dude.

  3. Thank you, I will be updating daily.

    As long as there are readers and people who enjoy the blog I can't see it ending anytime.

    Participation always rules.

    that being said, fuck Ke$ha