Saturday, December 25, 2010

Catharsis - Samsara (1997)

The album is called Samsara, and I am pretty sure the vocals are done by a pack of ravenous wolves. These surprisingly articulate wolves snarl their hate for God in just about every song, and that is awesome. "Good little wolves! Hey, stop gnawing on my arm!"

Example in song: Every Man For Himself... And God Against Them All

The wages of sin are freedom, and though the wages of freedom may be death
Is it not better to live with uncertainty than to fear to draw an honest breath?
So scrape the veil of faith from your eyes
Your prayers ascend like black smoke to the empty skies
Under your carnivorous god of deceit, maybe just maybe do you feel incomplete?

Ok, so maybe the vocals are done by a man. I am guilty of hyperbole quite often, and this will become increasingly apparent as you peruse this blog. (Which I ask myself, why do you waste your time here?)

In short, this album is blaspheming 90's Metalcore, so click the link below and download it.


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