Saturday, November 28, 2015

Jungbluth - Lovecult (2015)

I've sat on this one for far too long as I was unaware of existence, though I'm 100% sure my scummy subconscious mind was aware Lovecult came out months prior because I have spent a lot of October and November listening back on old Alpinist albums. This is significant because Jungbluth is the work of ex-members from Alpinist and they've picked up where they have left off… Emotionally charged hardcore with legs and arms furiously pumping out abrasive hardcore that isn't entirely unlike old screamo from the days of yore.

I understand seeing anything slapped with the term 'screamo' has some of you emotionless robots flinching from your computer monitor like its throwing a jab at you… It's not,  you're just a emotionless neanderthal.

I'm sorry, you're not a troglodyte, now go puff out your chest and cross your arms and listen to the new Xibalba album… But after that, go buy the new Jungbluth album too, because life's too short to go around wearing balaclavas and chucking your ham fists around all the time.

Jungbluth - Lovecult; bandcamp; (name your price) or (free download)

• • • 

The new Xibalba album does reign down with furious anger and savagery.

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