Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sun Worship - Elder Giants (2014)

Ever since Sun Worship got in touch with me to review their EP Surpass Eclipse I have been a huge fan, watching their every move, which consisted of a split with German country-mates UNRU, whom I'm also completely and unequivocally a fan of, obtain all their shit!

I digress, Sun Worship are one of my favorite bands circling this big blue ball we're stuck upon. What the fuck is there not to love? They play an incredibly poised blend of ambient black metal with notes of other musical subtleties that could range from shoegaze, drone, noise, to a post-rock atmosphere. They are independent and fuel their own music in a DIY way and they put their albums on bandcamp for a "name your price" option so you can pay what you can afford.

Elder Giants is a giant itself, and one of the best this year. Climb out from under that rock and buy it.

Elder Giants on Bandcamp (name your price)
Here is the review for Surpass Eclipse

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  1. surpass eclipse was great I need this!