Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heresiarch - Wælwulf (2014)

Begrimed, soupy bestial death metal from New Zealand. I've been a fan of these Kiwi's since I bought their EP Hammers of Intransigence back in 2011 and have been impatiently waiting for a full-length release ever since, but instead another EP is released to sate my lust for destrvktion…

Also, thanks to New Zealand for Meth Drinker, Ulcerate, Witchrist, Diocletian, and Vassafor.

Heresiarch Bandcamp (Buy Wælwulf $666 NZD)


  1. Excited to get my hands on this one. On a related note, try this:
    I know the guy who owns the label, fine chap, so spread the word. Also, pick up the new ones from Impetuous Ritual and Grave Upheaval. Murk on.

    1. Thanks for link, is it just me or is that mixed quite low though? Do you mean the 2013 Grave Upheaval? Hooded Menace and Morbus Chron have new releases John.

  2. Yeah, it is low, quite a bit too low imo. Shit, Grave Upheaval was 13, where does the time go? I've heard the new Morbus Chron, I'm a bit on the fence about it, it's probably a grower. Not at all like I expected, but it was enjoyable on the first listen. I'll have to grab new Hooded Menace, didn't know they had a new EP, thanks!