Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lluvia - Premonicion De Guerra (2013)

Fallen Empire is a label that has both my attention and my respect as it is a DIY distro that focuses on unearthing black metal in all it's uncharted territory, keep your ear to the ground, I'm expecting/hoping that the label's catalogue increases with truly bleak black metal.

Lluvia released Premonicion De Guerra in late 2013, and it's likely that it has been flying under the goddamn radars ever since, why? Well it's definitely not because it doesn't hold true to black metal and all it's traditional idiosyncrasies…  Nay, this album will turn your veins black with its blistering nod to black metal, mega cold riffs, galloping drums, piercing anguished howls all swallowed up in a aphotic atmosphere. If you ever have valued my opinion, heed my advice and grab this album, whether you decide to buy the vinyl OR throw in a couple dollars at the bandcamp page under the 'name your price' option. Though if money is super tight, input $0 and download it for free and be sure to give a thank you to the dudes at Fallen Empire, don't be a thankless neanderthal, bad karma.

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I have no doubts this shit sounds so cold and foggy on vinyl (Thumbs up for how Fallen Empire set's up their vinyl displays, it's the little things man…)

Go here to buy it on vinyl
Download on Bandcamp

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