Monday, January 13, 2014

Indian - From All Purity (2014)

Indian, from Chicago, Illinois, play an insanely robust and caustic blend of doom and sludge with the crumbling filth of crust thrown into the bubbling cauldron. This wall of noise is brought forth by swirling guitar and bass tones that are heavier than a dead dog, drums that pound and plod like a fucking migraine only to be occasionally pierced by crude and tortured vocals. Vocal duties are shared between the two guitarists, and they sound like hyenas… Hyenas that are actually wolverines… Wolverines that are rabid and starving, and possibly (probably) sexually frustrated. Pissed.

Indian on Bandcamp
From All Purity (try)


  1. Oh hell yes, I'll be buying that on Bandcamp. Also, I've been spending the last few weeks tirelessly searching for osdm. Here's a few that you might not have heard, but fucking rip.
    Crystal Age - Far Beyond Divine Horizons

    Phantasm - Lycanthropy

    Jeg Er En Lampe - Dying Dreams

    1. Hell yeah dude, always appreciate your comments John, haven't heard of any of those. I'll be honest, most OSDM doesn't do it for me. If you haven't grabbed it yet, find the Morbid Insulter post I upped on here a while ago!

  2. Pretty sure I missed Morbid Insulter, going to find now. Also, I don't know if I've mentioned it, but if you haven't already you should check out this blog, tons of killer stuff:

  3. Finally bought this today and gave it two good listens. Well fucking worth six bucks, says I.