Monday, May 6, 2013

Leucosis - S/T (2013)

(Monthly Recap) Leucosis' self-titled album has been out for over a month now, hopefully you already have it, if not, that's why it's here. You would be missing out on one of the strongest releases this year (so far) – I'll repeat that, in bold caps – YOU WOULD BE MISSING OUT ON ONE OF THE STRONGEST RELEASES THIS YEAR CHUMP (I called you a chump because you made me repeat myself).

I thought Pulling Down The Sky was rad, and it was, but this sophomore release really shows the band progress and solidify a sound to call their own. The sound of the drums are my favourite part, they don't sound chunky, they sound fucking obese! The kick plods along with great force, driving a lot of strength and potency into the songs. The vocals aren't quite as suffocated in the mix, but fuck do they still sound ghastly. It definitely is less raw in sound, but still retains this organic element, and more visceral than ever.

I've found this album to sound even better through a good pair of headphones (I use a pair of Shure 425's). I'm not sure whether download links are out there for this, but if you can't afford the 5$ for this, email me ( and I'd be willing to help you out.

Leucosis bandcamp

*In Lieu of total transparency, read what rhythm guitarist Isaac had to say about the S/T in the comment section (Remember, be cognizant that there is always two sides to a story… not to deject what Isaac has said)


  1. I am a former member of this band who co-authored this release as well as the first album, Pulling Down the Sky. I was kicked out of Leucosis by Jeff Meuller just prior to the release of this album we had been jointly working on for over a year. As their former rhythm guitarist, three tracks of this album were primarily or fully written by me, and all released tracks contain a substantial amount of my guitar playing.

    After being kicked out of the band, I did my best to leave things amicably with the current band members but made the reasonable request that my guitar playing and compositions be stripped from any future release. I was very surprised when I found out that they did not adhere to my request when the album was released this spring with my tracks still in place.

    At this point I believe I have little recourse to stop what has happened and do not wish to shift fault any potential listeners who may admire the music of this album. However, I do want what happened in the behind the scenes in the production of this album to be public information so that any future labels, show promoters, or Leucosis fans can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to support this band.

    1. This is a major bummer. It's with mixed emotions that I read this, primarily because I try to separate external details from the music itself. Though, to my chagrin it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

      Without qualms or scruples, musically this album is fucking awesome, and I'll continue to think so. In Saying that, it's heinous that your personal ideas and musical stamp have still been used without your consent. As a listener on the outside looking in, I appreciate your integrity and output on the album, as you no doubt played a major role in the final sound.

      I'll edit the post to bring this into the light.