Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Women - Throat (2010)

I am going to do this post a little differently than usual. This album is an absolute mind fuck, so an avant-garde post is fitting. Download this album, listen to the first song, then come back on here and tell us what the fuck you thought was going on.

Predictions: Some of you will shut it off before the minute mark.



  1. I was one of those guys that couldnt get through the whole song

  2. I knew what you meant when you said can't get through the first song (within five seconds).
    But I trust you and kept going. Strange indeed, but very cool.

  3. Im on the fence about this one, how did you find this by the way?

  4. I am still undecided with this myself, but it's growing on me. I found this record through browsing the youtubes believe it or not. I was watching a "Ceremony" video and it was in the list.

  5. Amazing. Thanks! If you like this and are not familiar with the style, try checking out some records by Last Exit, Peter Brotzmann, and Massacre-Killing Time (not the death metal band massacre).