Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ordo Draconis - Camera Obscura Part 1 & 2 (2005)

Describing the sound of these two albums is some what of a futile task, its very odd and quirky, but at the same time eerie and very avant-garde. This is Post-Black Metal from the Netherlands that has had me listening since these two albums came out in '05. Imagine for a second that you are making a delicious pot of black metal soup; The cauldron for black metal soup is an active volcano of course, in this active volcano we toss in ingredients of Emperor, a dash of Arcturus, a healthy pinch of Le Grand Guignol and of course blazing tremolo picking and odd synth strings. How's that for an absolutely retarded example?

At one moment you are listening to blistering black metal, in the next moment you are listening to what appears to be a sample from Goldeneye 64. I dunno, its rad though. It's a shame these guys totally fly under the radar for most. So Enjoy this odd rare beast, or forever be a whore.

Camera Obscura - Part 1: The Star Chamber Reviews
Camera Obscura - Part 2: A View With A Room


  1. Hi, both of these are dead. Could you update them? :)

    1. I tried to find working links, but couldn't find any. I'll keep searching, if one is found I'll fix/update it. Thanks