Tuesday, April 24, 2018

DBOY - Prove Your Love; Live in Belem (2018)

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There is a rock'n'roll renaissance gestating in the canals of Welland - the centre of the universe, as stated in point #2 of the DBOY 13-point manifesto - and the legion is DBOY so help me god. The manifesto further states in its final point; DBOY is here and now. So get down on your knees and prove yur love to the dominion of sonic oblivion baby!

'Live in Belem' is DBOY's first offering on the sacrificial altar of rock and roll and it's the first step towards ending sonic austerity, the second step is the same as the third and the third is the same as the fourth; DBOY write rock and roll, because rock and roll is what matters. Nothing else matters. 'Live in Belem' is a real fake live album, maybe meaning, it was really recorded live using fake equipment... These details aren't pertinent to the album, all that matters is this; DBOY are a three-piece band and they will remain anonymous. DBOY speak through their rock, and pass on their message through President of the official DBOY Scout Order, Kirill Kutchokokov.

'Live in Belem' is only 24 minutes long, but that's exactly as long as it needs to be; the average human brain can only digest this much rock and roll before it starts to sound like RUSH. This sounds nothing like that. Imagine early Turbonegro had the swagger of CPC Gangbangs with the simple approach to filth and sleaze as The Spits mixed with the raw power of The Stooges... all recorded by that dude in the legendary German band Scooter. It's a three-headed rock and roll lake monster wearing gimp masks, brandishing a guitar that sounds like Muddy Watters got shittered, a raunchy bass tone that's filthier than a pigeon stoop and drums as smooth and sexy as making sweet luv on a waterbed... A sound that is unapologetically Welland.

I got in touch with manager Kirill Kutchokokov and asked him to give me a handful of words about DBOY. His response;

"DBOY is only focused on two things; Sounding cool, and looking cooler. People ask 'what does DBOY mean?' Have they forgotten that the real question is 'What does DBOY mean to you?' or 'why do you deny yourself real sonic and aesthetic pleasure any longer?' Knowing means nothing. DBOY is feeling. DBOY is pleasure through power, and power is sexual, be it sonic or otherwise... What does it mean? Who Cares? Where is it from? Who knows? All that matters is that DBOY is here and now. Enjoy."

I stand in the camp that firmly believes that you only need to hear DBOY to love DBOY and all other deniers are liars until proven guilty and out their fuckin' skull. Lay down and suck him. I'll lick your  little honey twat... little honey pussy.

With open arms from the centre of the darkest hole... DBOY is yours.
Положите и сосите его. Я вылизаю твою медную киску ... маленькую медную киску.

PROVE YOUR L<3VE (band camp)
13-point Manifesto



  1. I know who they are ;)

  2. cum 2 me Dboy

  3. I walk the streets in search of Dboy. When I locate him I will squeeze so tightly he will never want me to let him go.