Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mahr - Antelux (2018)

Fallen Empire has been about as consistent as I can hope for any underground record label, and consistently good, at that. And Antelux is no exception; Raw and unrefined black metal with its feet planted in the ever popular cosmic affiliate. Woven throughout its meaty tracks is a whirr of atmospheric drone which add a good base coat to the barrage of grating vocals, everything unwelcoming and cold.

•  †  •

I'm really impressed. And I'm smiling like a schoolgirl with no homework because this beast is something entirely fresh. Not reinventing the black metal wheel or anything, but its nuances give light to new ideas and fresh takes on a genre thats become too serious and stale for too long. The bulk of its sound is bleak and primitive but there's often flashes of something not entirely fatalistic, coming in the shape of sharp and archaic sounding ambient passages, resembling the war horns of some inhuman battle. Even in it's more plodding and unrhythmic sections Antelux does well to stay on track and remain engaging, with a desperate tone that almost hypnotizes and wears you down, until it doesn't anymore.

And as always, this beauty is a 'name your price' option on the band camp page and for the price of a coffee, hell, half the price of an Americano you can contribute a modicum to fighting the good fight.

Antelux (bandcamp)

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