Thursday, December 7, 2017

Knelt Rote -Trespass (2012)

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Knelt Rote have succeeded in creating a suffocatingly dismal album with the atmosphere of an ancient hulking giant, a god of the muck and mire, rife with savagery and frenzied bestial belches against a impenetrable wall of crunchy guitar layering and perfectly mixed drums. It never wanes in its ferocity and despite its troglodytic plodding and pounding it manages to be nuanced and full-bodied with an adept attention to spacing and detail. I really can't point a poisonous finger to anything missing or lacking in this monster of a death metal album, Knelt Rote have seemingly diluted the animalistic barbarity of Revenge and attention to detail as Swallowed executed with aces on Lunaterial. 

Trespass (bandcamp)

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