Monday, July 18, 2016

Sun Worship - Pale Dawn (2016)

Dearest Droogies,

Ever since Lars sent me a very righteous picture disc vinyl of the Surpass Eclipse EP in the mail I knew my allegiance would forever align with whatever these dudes put out, even if it was bad… especially if it was bad. Sun Worship have never been bad and they never will be bad, which means Pale Dawn is good. This is simple mathematics.

A departure from their ambient tinged black metal of yore and more thee straight to the throat blistering black metal rife with galloping drum fills, strong like ox and fast like cobra riffing and distant vocal shrills that split the hairs on your shoulders.

Sun Worship, thank you.

with admiration and respect, your friend

Chieftain and High Warlord of Severed Heads Open Minds, Chris D'Alessandro

Sun Worship - Pale Dawn (bandcamp)

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