Friday, August 15, 2014

Maveth & Embrace of Thorns - A Plague Through The Heavens [split] (2014)

I was initially going to challenge myself by reviewing Noia's new album Obstinate Sacrifice while trying not to talk about how much it sounds like a cleaned up version of Venom playing Nuclear Assault songs or how the lyrics should be swapped out for pseudo-human grunts, belches, growls and farts… But I decided against it because I'm already going to be reviewing Midnight's No Mercy For Mayhem for favorite Icelandic human Birkir and his blog Halifax Collect later this week.

•  •  •

Instead, I give you filth. I give you death. I give to you a split that is actually worth checking out, A Plague Through The Heavens released by Dark Descent Records. Two bands that aren't new to the game, Maveth from Finland and Embrace of Thorns from Greece band together to bludgeon you senseless with their dragged through the muck and fecal decay of the sewers take on black/death metal. I'm sure this is best listened to in the dark, sitting in a pentagram drawn with goats semen but I'm sitting on a park bench withe the sun beaming down on my fucking forehead, and it's still pretty sweet man.


  1. Just read this and got a warm feeling. A special review indeed, but so are you. Special. I'm going to listen to this split and Noia.

    In conclusion:
    What a man.

    1. Yeah man! I'm getting out to Iceland for Airwaves this year, no shit, so the first thing I am going to do EVEN before I get a hotdog is go visit you and give you a big hug and talk about Trap Them and why they're so awesome.

      I'll write the Midnight review soon brother.

  2. I'm familiar with Maveth (Coils of the Black Earth is pretty darn good) but haven't heard EoT, grabbing.