Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Halifax Collect review: All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates This Nature (2013)

     Open up your heart and let All Pigs Must Die take a big greasy shit into your soul with their second full length 'Nothing Violates This Nature.' All Pigs Must Die are a supergroup hailing from Boston and basically share the same name as Virginia's Pig Destroyer… Think about it (but not for too long you'll strain yourself.)

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Every once in a while my glacial riding Icelandic buddy Birkir pesters the fuck out of me to write review after review for his music blog Halifax Collect, sometimes I acquiesce the mans request and he proudly puts it up on his music blog (which is assuredly more up to date and informative than SHOM).

If you haven't yet heard this album, take a leave from the rock you've been living under and give it a go, It's far from groundbreaking, but if you want to stupidly bang around your head and hate people 'Nothing Violates This Nature' is a suitable vessel to do so.

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