Sunday, January 13, 2013

A New Contributor Appears! // Cloud Rat - Moshka (2013)

Excuses. Excuses are the cancer of action, they give people a false pretense and self justification for not getting something done. Excuses, as farfetched or true as they may be are all bullshit. I'll repeat that last word again in capitals so it sinks in; BULLSHIT.

With that being said, activity on SHOM has been all but reduced to zero as of late, though I have my reasons, none of you give a shit, and why should you? You shouldn't. These things sometimes happen, and I've come to the understanding that I won't always be able to post and update this hellhole everyday.

One slight solution to this has brought itself into the light, I'm bringing on a occasional contributor to help flourish this bastard into something more consistent, radical, evil, exciting and hopefully unique to all the other great blogs out there. Fear not person reading these words, you're in good hands, the contributor in question is none other than Matt St. Jean… Solid dude and drummer of Vattnet Viskar!

If you are unsure as to why this is nothing but good news, you must be unaware of how good Vattnet Viskar is… in that case revert back to here, listen to it, and enjoy one of the best (if not the best) EP released in 2012. Like I said, you're in good hands. SHOM will still be the vile refuge for scum like you to dig into some new and exciting metal/hardcore. I'll still be the man behind the proverbial wheel and I'll continue to oversee the content while respecting Matt's opinion and suggestion. Don't worry, if he ever try's some shit like "Hey dudes, here's Dark Tranquility's Skydancer, they are good melo death and pioneers of the genre, like them because fuck.". Haha oh fuck, can you imagine? IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Only the 'good' see's it's way on here, or what I think is good at least, and my opinion is true and bestest. Now here's some music…

Cloud Rat - Moksha (2013)

Let's start off 2013 with something that will rip a whole in your chest and shit right into your heart. Enter Moshka, with one hand caught in the begrimed hardcore (with dashes of black metal) cookie jar while the other hand is punching out priests and slapping whimsy in the face with its dark and punishing onslaught of grind. If you're not really sure what you just read don't worry about it. I'm probably still drunk off no sleep. What else needs to be said? They have a humming bird on the cover, probably drinking the juices from a goats skull. Filthy right?

Moshka (Zippyshare)


  1. FIXED the part where I had named Matt as the guitarist rather than drummer of the band Vattnet Viskar. Fucking idiot I can be, but a brain fart like that can come from taking two 10mg melatonin and washing it down with beer. (Like I said, genius)

  2. The Swedish MetalheadJanuary 16, 2013 at 5:30 AM

    This has my approval.

  3. Nice. Hey I remember u mentioning that u were on lookout for good power metal. Check out Paradox- tales of the weird.