Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alda: Recap, Rehash, Return, Refuck // Limited vinyls for grab!

Firstly, fuck mormons. Secondly, welcome back. Thirdly, I'm back in Iceland writing out from a cozy cafe full of people I hate for no reason. Fourthly, it feels good to be back on here and posting again, even if it's just a little recap post pertaining to to a band already mentioned and brought to attention on SHOM. Albeit, a band that kicks so much fucking ass they probably get private lessons from Dolph Lundgren. Yes, I'm talking about atmospheric black metal giants Alda.

I interviewed them a while back, but you already saw and read through all of that right? Of course. If for whatever reason it eluded the likes of you, unfuckify yourself by clicking here.

Now, to the main point of this post, which isn't about telling you how good these guys are (they're good.), it's about informing you fine fellows of a limited Alda vinyl purchase thingy we have going on at SHOM. The strident and monolithic release Tahoma was sold out on vinyl about as quickly as it went up, restoring my dwindling faith in humanity just enough to seek out and make this limited vinyl reappear from the dead. This is where you come in, let me know in the comments if you would like to purchase this back from the dead vinyl beast and we will work it out mono es mono! The rad dudes in Alda will even autograph/scribble on it for you, maybe even include an inspirational quote or dick drawing for good measure. This post is to see if there is any interest in something like this, if there is, then good one you, and we will get the ball rolling on this ASAP.

•  •  •

Send me those messages via comments or email me at; We'll work out the lowest price we can with your shipping address. Thank you dudes, make me proud!


  1. I got in touch with you via email

  2. How much to Texas?

  3. Five others interested, a number I was anticipating would be higher for a excellent and out of print LP. Though, the blog has slowed since my travels. (Understandable)

    Carry on my Wayword sons, the activity on this shit-hole is going to fly, like an eagle.