Friday, July 20, 2012

GGUW - Gegen Gravitation und Willensfreiheit (2011)

Part 1: I haven't deserted you or this blog yet, the real world has just been kicking my ass. I have some exciting things on the horizon for the blog to make up for this lack of consistent posting.

Part 2: I found this on Fallen Empire and immediately was drawn to the album cover, what the fuck are we looking at exactly? I'll get back to this question.

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play this, and continue reading:

More importantly, what the fuck are we hearing? This album by German band GGUW sounds like "The Land Before Time" all grown up and on heaps of acid. It has this absurdly bestial and primordial sounding shriek that pierce through the strange arrangement of raw black metal that borders on sounding like a feral animal struggling for air and wheezing... it's fucking rad and eerie. For this, the first track on this stomps the hardest and succeeds at making me feel oddly uncomfortable.

The reason I used the inexcusably stupid analogy of "The Land Before Time" on acid is because this shit just sounds primitive and archaic… which is why that album cover is so intriguing to me I suppose. I feel like I'm staring at the back of an ancient beast giant that never existed, yet here it is in full realism only without any inclination as to what it's front may look like. A poster comes with the Vinyl of this sold out vinyl, more coming in soon. I will have to buy this so I can lay on my floor, put this bad boy on and stare at that poster until the creature reveals itself to me.



  1. I don't know which is more unsettling, the album cover or the first track. Good stuff.

    1. It's almost disappointing at how much more archaic and feral the first track is compared to the following two, they are still very good though.

  2. Ich denke, wer an die Willensfreiheit glaubt, der kann auch nicht anders, als er ist.
    Hier mehr:

    Schöne Grüsse aus der Freidenker Galerie
    Rainer Ostendorf