Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ultra//Negative - Finally I'm At Peace (2011)

Okay, so here we have your standard album know the type, black & white with a brutalized baby face that looks like it was born with a pipe bomb in it's skull. It's a rare condition...that happens to no one.

You may already have got the idea that this band just spews negativity and thrives on entropy. Oh, and their name is Ultra//Negative. Fast and furious jams that span for an entirety of 8.5 minutes of pissed off hardcore, sludgened power violence (©).

Do not fucking watch this if you are not at least a little bit desensitized and or depraved. It's basically a one minute snuff flick. I only post this because I got a laugh out of the bands Facebook status "ULTRA//NEGATIVE MUSIC VIDEO. Watch before it's banned by youtube"
(I watched it, pussy)

Grab if you like:  Nails, Living Eyes, God Harvest

Negatively Ultra