Sunday, September 11, 2011

Champion - Promises Kept (2004)

Champion, a band that used to be. From the gloomy city of Seattle where everything grungy, droney and sucky spawns. Promises Kept however, is the exception. This is one of my favorite hardcore albums, partly due to the nostalgia of my hardcore youth straight edge days and partly because the energy on this album is yawning, or gonorrhea.

Instrumentally it gravitates to fast paced, melodic hardcore brimming in positivity. The structure almost seems as if it were to be tailored for live shows. After all, hardcore is all about the strength and unity within the scene, a live set is like the ultimate hangout session for these dudes. A hangout filled with stage-dives, sing-a-longs, high jumps, head walks, jumping jacks, and hardcore pride!  And there isn't a fucking thing wrong with that.

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