Thursday, July 7, 2011

Revenge - Frustrations (2011)

I'm sitting on a Coach Canada bus right now en-route back to my hometown after a solid few days of camping and hanging with some friends. Friends rule. My buddy who will then and again read this blog will be picking my shit-kicking ass up from the bus station to take me to my homestead. Hey thanks dude, rad!

Revenge, full of all kinds of pessimistic rage and more pissed off then an environmentalist inside an Ikea. The album is titled Frustrations. Let me explain why this post is oh so fucking suitable right now. While I sit on said bus, some dicksmith next to me is yammering away to whomever through his bluetooth headphones. Not just talking either, pretty much yelling into his idiotic device for everyone to hear how "There is no laundromats close by to my house, so I have to take the bus to one each time". Fuck this guy and everything about this guy.

Yes, I am frustrated and will probably try to push him down the steps on the way out.

Grab if you like: Ceremony, Trash Talk, Outbreak



  1. also ... when I grab the link i get something called "Wardogs -Outcast Behavior 7""
    any idea?

  2. Yeah, that link became cunty. Fixed it.